Ville de Cowansville
220, place Municipale
Cowansville (Québec) J2K 1T4
Téléphone: 450 263-0141
Télécopieur: 450 263-9357
Nos heures d'ouverture sont de 8 h 30 à 16 h 30
du lundi au vendredi.
En dehors des heures d'ouverture, pour une urgence majeure, faites le 450 263-0141, option 8.
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Coronavirus - État de la situation et directives spéciales

La Ville de Cowansville suit la situation de près. Un comité de mesures d'urgence se rencontre quotidiennement afin de prendre les meilleures décisions pour assurer la sécurité des citoyens.

Vous pouvez consulter nos mises à jour quotidiennes et autres informations dans notre section coronavirus.

Toute personne qui pense être atteinte du COVID-19 ou qui souhaite des renseignements à ce sujet est invitée à composer le 450 644-4545.

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Given the current situation, are there measures taken regarding the payment of municipal taxes to help citizens and businesses?

The Town of Cowansville has altered its rules when it comes to the payment of municipal taxes.

In order to give a financial respite to its citizens and businesses, the Town of Cowansville suspends interest for the amounts that cannot be paid by the next due date of municipal taxes scheduled for April 22, 2020. Therefore, no interest will be invoiced if this deadline is not respected. This measure is in effect from March 18 until June 22, 2020. Click here to consult the press release.


  • Are services for citizens maintained?


Yes. Like our citizens and businesses, we are attempting to adapt as best we can. Despite the closure of municipal buildings to the public, it is important for us to let you know that we are there for you. Do not hesitate to contact us at 450 263-0141 or by email at


All essential services are maintained (waste collections, first responders, fire department, etc.).


  • Is the municipal court taking place despite the fact that Town Hall is closed?


Municipal court is cancelled until further notice. If you are an applicant and have a question, contact 450 522-0667.


  • What actions are being taking by the Town to ensure its citizens safety?


Just as we do during floods, we have an emergency measures committee made up of employees from each of the departments, including public safety, public health and the community sectors. A daily meeting is held by this committee in order to make the best decisions for the population and to exchange information. The health of our citizens is a priority for us. You can consult our daily updates at


  • What is the situation regarding Cowansville’s drinking water?

Cowansville's drinking water is of excellent quality and will continue to be so. All our staff are on duty at the filtration plant. Our equipment is functional and we have a large quantity of products for treatment. Therefore, there is no need to worry about a shortage of drinking water or its quality.


  • Can I bring my children to the park to play on the playground equipment? 


For security reasons, as the virus can live for several hours on certain surfaces, the use of the playground equipment in municipal parks is prohibited. Currently, there is no disinfection or inspection done on them. The current situation requires greater vigilance on the part of citizens in order to avoid using them, even when the weather becomes milder.

 However, you may take advantage of the municipal parks for your walks by respecting the 2-meter distance rule. 

If you have received a positive result following a test for COVID-19, you must follow public health directives and respect the quarantine. You must stay home.


  • I would like to volunteer. What can I do to help?

You can contact the Centre d’action bénévole at 450 263-3758 or You can also register on Thank you for your involvement!


  • When will the signing of the register for the real estate and commercial project in the downtown area take place?

Since we cannot hold a public event and to ensure the safety of our citizens, the signing is postponed to a later date. We are currently verifying whether the government will adopt exceptional provisions to allow for the extension of statutory deadlines.

  • Will the Cowansville ecocenter open on April 1st as planned?

Please note that the Cowansville ecocenter will open on Monday, April 20, 2020. Specific procedures and protective measures have been put into effect. Consult this page for the new schedule and safety instructions.


  • Cowansville is situated in which region? Estrie or Montérégie?


For all information relating to the health sector, the municipality is located in the Estrie region.



  • I signed up for a microchip clinic for my pet in April. Will the clinic take place?           


The microchip clinic for April has been postponed to May 31, 2020. The Association of Animal Health Technicians will communicate directly with the registrants to inform them of this change. The other clinics scheduled for September 20 and October 18 are maintained. Registration continues.


  • Will the Tour Davignon take place in May?

Unfortunately, we must cancel the Tour Davignon scheduled for May 23, 2020. Citizens who had already registered will be reimbursed.


  • Are registrations for leisure and cultural activities canceled?


Yes. Registrations scheduled for March 21 for the Spring 2020 session of leisure and cultural activities are canceled. Click here for the list of canceled events and activities.


  • When will registrations take place for the summer day camp?


The registration period for the Les Dégourdis summer day camp is postponed to june 1rst. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for any updates.


  • I am over 70 years old. How can I get my medication or do my grocery shopping without going out?


All Cowansville pharmacies offer home delivery service. For your groceries, the Cowansville IGA offers home delivery. In addition, given the circumstances, IGA currently offers free delivery service for people aged 70 and over.


  • I would like to encourage local businesses. Which of them offer delivery service in Cowansville?

Thank you for your concern for our local businesses. We have added an Achat local section at Here you will find the directory of Cowansville businesses open to the public, offering online shopping or delivery service. This list is obviously evolving, come back to consult it regularly. To consult the directory, click here.

  • I would like to continue reading, but the library is closed. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Good news for reading enthusiasts, young and old. The Town of Cowansville is offering its collection of digital books for free to all citizens. Not a current library member? No problem, just contact the library at 450 263-4071, Monday to Saturday from noon to 4 p.m. to get your user code. Happy reading! Read the full press release here.


  • I have to return my book to the library. Will I have late fees if I keep it?


The book return box is still accessible. It is located on rue du Sud. If it is not possible for you to drop off your books, late fees will not be incurred for the days that the library is closed. Happy reading!


  • I usually go to Cowansville Town Hall to be sworn. Now that it is closed to the public, where can I access this service?


You can search for the commissioners closest to you by postal code on the website , under the section: Consulting the register, then click on Search for a commissioner for oaths. In addition to the commissioners for oaths and the secretary-treasurer of a municipality, the persons authorized to administer the oath are:

1. Lawyers registered with the Ordre du Barreau du Québec;

2. Notaries enlisted on the roll of the Chambre des notaires du Québec.


  • With the current containment situation, we have more waste. How can the Town accommodate me?


Following the current situation with COVID-19, the Town of Cowansville made the decision to modify the schedule for waste collections. Please note that as of April 13, 2020, waste collection will resume every two weeks. Please consult the town's website for the complete schedule or contact the Service des infrastructures et immobilisations for more details.


  •  I want to register my animal, but the Town Hall is closed. Who can help me in this situation?


We invite you to contact the SPA des cantons at 450 263-1117. They will be able to help you and inform you of their new opening hours


  • What must I do with my used tissues? Do I put them in the garbage or my brown compost bin?

In order to prevent the spread of the virus and for the safety of our employees working in essential services, all tissues, masks, gloves and wipes must be placed in closed bags in the trash. No tissues or other items mentioned above should be in the brown compost bin. More information available here. In order to avoid sewer damage, we would also remind you that disinfectant or hygienic wipes go into the trash.


  • I would like to explain to my child the current situation concerning the coronavirus. Do you have any documents/tools that could help me?


Here is a nice cartoon that explains COVID-19 to children. Good reading! :) Click here.

You can also show them this short video. Click here.


  • I wish to continue my child’s education, despite school closures. Do you have any ideas for me?

On our activities section, you will find several ideas to entertain your children.

Also, here is the official government website so that children can study and learn from home:


  • Who do I contact if I see a person who does not respect the rules concerning the coronavirus?


You have noticed that a citizen is not respecting the rules pertaining to the coronavirus or you have witnessed a misdeed? Contact the Sûreté du Québec at 450 310-4141.

Do you think a company or business is breaking the rules in relation to the coronavirus? Contact the Sûreté du Québec at 1 855 477-0777.


  • What must I do with my returnable bottles? Are there any special measures to protect employees?


Here are the directives from Recyc-Québec:  


  •  I am worried about the virus being transmitted by the delivery of the Publi-Sac. Shouldn’t this service be suspended for the time being? 


We consider the delivery of the Publi-Sac to be important. For many of our citizens, the newspaper Le Guide is the only interaction they have with the outside world. In addition, we use this local newspaper to transmit important prevention and public interest messages. However, it is recommended to leave a waiting period before opening and to thoroughly clean the bag. Publi-Sac also applies strict hygiene measures.


  • I know that the deadline for taking down temporary car shelters (tempo) is April 15. Given the situation, no one can come to my house to help me. Will I be fined if I take it down later?

The Town understands if some citizens cannot dismantle temporary car shelters within the prescribed time. No fines will be given as long as the social distancing measures are in effect.

  • Will the distribution of young trees and saplings by the MRC still take place?

 At the April 21 meeting, the Council of Mayors decided to postpone the Journée régionale de distribution des arbustes de bandes riveraines to a later date this fall, which has not yet been determined. This decision was made in order to respect the health measures in place regarding COVID-19.

Plant reservations will therefore be extended via the Brome-Missisquoi MRC website:

For those who have reserved plants with the MRC, you will be informed of the new distribution date by email, as soon as possible. Newspapers and social media will also announce the new date.

  • Is it possible to move at this time?

Yes, it is possible to move during this period. Moving companies are on the list of priority services. For more precautionary measures, consult the Guide to Good Sanitary Practices to be adopted. Members and partners of the housing committee have prepared a leaflet to guide people who will be moving in the coming months in the context of COVID-19.
1- If you deal with a moving company, it is important to be honest with them (tell them if you have flu symptoms or other symptoms, if you have travelled recently, etc.) and to respect the physical distance measures with them.

2- If you ask for help from your family and friends, limit the number of people present and make sure that the two-meter physical distance rule is respected. Please note that it is forbidden to organize a gathering (ex.: for a meal), during or after the move.

  • Are the garage sales still going to take place?

Due to the Covid-19 situation and in order to respect social distancing measures, the garage sales scheduled for May 2 and 3 are cancelled. Garage sales for the months of June, July, August, September and October will be evaluated according to government guidelines.

  • What are the guidelines for visiting people aged 70 and over?

    As of May 5, it is possible to visit a senior living in a private seniors' residence and to visit a palliative care person in a seniors' living environment. It is important to inquire before visiting to ensure that there are no probable or confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the facility. Meaningful caregivers can also provide support to a person, regardless of their living environment, by respecting certain conditions. However, it is important to respect the physical distance of 2 metres.

  • I would like to protect my face during my outings, would you have a guide for me?

You will find here a Guide for wearing face protection in public places issued by the Government of Quebec.